Individual Communication Training

Vroom Training - Individual communication training flyer 2018

If you are looking for a completely tailored communication skills training, then this might interest you.

Sometimes, group trainings can be useful and interesting, but to implement what you have learned, takes dedication and motivation. This training is different than what you have done before. It's not endless hours of strategic theoretic data, it's practical and fun! The difference is that it is 1-on-1, or, when we act out specific situations that you want to get better at, it's 1 on 2: I work together with Deirdre Hertog, a certified Trainings Actress, with whom we do the roleplay. You will get real feedback on the effect of your communication style and from there, we give you tips and tools to proactively change the outcome of your conversations! We will give you lots of room to practice, practice and practice again.

Previous clients have all been amazed by the useful feedback we give. Think about it, does anybody ever really tell you exactly what it is in your communication that makes the conversation go stuck? We will, respectfully and most of the time actually joyfully. Learning and feedback does not have to be boring, scary or annoying. It can be fun, interesting and effective!

Want to do a roleplay session to see what we can do for you? Contact me to set up a date and let yourself experience this entire new approach to boosting your communication skills!