I just love to be part of the process when somebody flourishes, learns new things,

and most of all, I am passionate about helping to challenge their own rules,

call bullshit on things that society wants us to believe, 

so that their world starts to look a little bit brighter. 

this is meAs strange as it is to have to write down ‘who you are’ for the whole wide universe to read, it is one of those things that just need to get done. We all want to know with whom we will be working with, or at least get an impression. Now, the best way to get to know me, is to simply have a coffee with me. Tea is acceptable too :-).

What I mostly want you to know is that I am a trainer / teacher / motivator that will do her utmost best to make sure that the way I train, suits your learning. My general style can be described best as: easy, fun, energetic and real. I'll give you personalized feedback, I'll make a complex topic easy (without leaving out the important nuances to any topic), and make sure you will take your skills to the next level by practicing, efficient exercises and honest reflection. 

I also realize that 'nothing works for everyone', which is one of my motto's. This means that my style might not be your style. My best advise is: learning goes best from someone you can relate to, so find the right person for you. 

Of course, the above says little about me in facts, so if that is what you are interested in, then I am happy to share with you that I am Dutch (and yes, thereby, sometimes direct), moved to Switzerland in 2009, and after a couple of interesting, but not always fulfilling jobs, decided to go and do things ‘differently’.

Quit my job, enrolled in trainings, and decided, wholeheartedly, that I wanted to unleash the trainer and teacher inside of me that was so eager to get out. With full motivation, passion to get people to flourish, and see the chances and opportunities we all have within us, I am ready to take on the challenge.

Oh, not to forget, I like languages so we can talk in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and with a bit of effort Portuguese and French. Can’t wait to talk to you!


What others have said about me or my trainings:

"You have given me a Masterclass in Presenting with confidence. It was very condensed, lightly presented, precious and inspiring advice. The thought I had afterwards was: "WHAT IF... everything important would be explained to everyone in such a pleasant way...". Thank you so much, it was great!"

"Working with you and Deirdre has been tremendously enriching. I learned to know you as a truly gifted communication trainer and I enjoyed every session we had. But I also experienced you as a keen observer, and optimistic forward thinker and an avid drawer and all of those elements made those sessions so special."

Obviously, this is the kind of feedback I work for. Want to read more references? Let me know, I have a lot more!